пятница, 9 апреля 2021 г.

 Ibiza (Spain)

Between Spain and Italy in the Mediterranean Sea lies the Balearic archipelago, one of the islands of which is  Ibiza , which means "Bes Island" - the ancient Egyptian god of eroticism and entertainment, although it is often incorrectly called Ibiza. It is only about 90 km from the Spanish coast. Ibiza has become popular with lovers of "hot" entertainment, here for this come from all over the world to taste the atmosphere of endless fun and true freedom. The island is rather small, so after a few days people feel at home here, but at the same time it is diverse enough not to seem boring.

Phuket (Thailand)

Phuket is a prime resort for those looking for a relaxing getaway. In the Andaman Sea, this is the largest Thai island, which has all the delights of a paradise holiday: wide beaches with fine white sand washed by warm sea water. It is best to rest here in November-February, at this time it is +22 +34 degrees. There are many attractions on the island that will not let vacationers get bored. Even actively exploring them, an inquisitive traveler will not have time to get to know all the local interesting places in a couple of weeks.

Bali (Indonesia)

The most popular resorts in Indonesia with the best tourist infrastructure are located on the island of Bali. Tourists come here to enjoy the pristine nature, the large volcanoes Gunung-Agung, Gunung-Batur and Kintamani, tropical forests, ancient temples, wonderful beaches. Although the island is relatively small, it is diverse in its landscapes. Here you can see at the same time palm groves and terraced rice checks, black lava beaches and beautiful volcanic lakes in the mountains. Of particular interest to the guests of the island are active volcanoes with their fire-breathing craters and steaming slopes. Bali is guaranteed a fabulous experience.

Pattaya (Thailand)

Pattaya is one of the most famous resorts in Thailand. This is a typical resort town, where all the most important types of entertainment are provided for vacationers. The shores here have beaches almost everywhere, but the water in the local bay is rather muddy. There are many expensive hotel complexes in Pattaya designed for family vacations. But the city is especially famous for its active nightlife, when after dark the time for various sex entertainments begins. Walking Street is especially popular with tourists.


If you look at the Maldives from an airplane, they resemble pearls scattered across the vast Indian Ocean. In this land of eternal summer, a real tropical paradise and all the conditions for a carefree life. Coral islands with fine white sand, surrounded by green palm trees and surrounded by warm and incredibly clear waters. Gorgeous coral reefs and turquoise lagoons are teeming with vibrant underwater life. Such beauty cannot leave indifferent even a single experienced traveler. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people fly here to dive into the gentle waters of the Indian Ocean. Even those who cannot swim can, standing waist-deep in clear water, admire the corals and fish under their feet. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will find many places to admire the underwater beauty and take home unique photographs.